Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2020 - 2021 
    May 28, 2024  
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2020 - 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECD 484 - Child Observation Methods

Credits 3
This course will focus on a unique system for observing and recording the development of children ages 3 to 5 in early childhood classroom settings. It is based on a progression of children's skill development in six major areas including: emotional, social, physical, cognitive, language, and creative expression. Each of these aspects will be studied further by dividing them into specific areas: self-esteem and emotional development, social play and prosocial behavior, large and small motor development, cognitive development, spoken language and emergent literacy, and art skills and imagination. Connections will be made to the CLASS Observation Tool in three Domains: Emotional support, Classroom organization, and Instructional support.
May not be audited. Degree completion only.