May 18, 2022  
Graduate Academic Catalog 2020 - 2021 
Graduate Academic Catalog 2020 - 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CRI 724 - Using Technology to Differentiate Curriculum

Credits: 3
This course provides an advanced look at the theory, design, implementation and reflection of differentiated curriculum using technology. Strategies and tools for responsive teaching are researched, used, and reflected upon. Technology is used as the vehicle to make learning student-centered for content and process. Candidates will interact with the course text and interact with resources on the web to further their learning. Candidates will design a series of technology-enhanced lessons that focuses on the needs of diverse learners and how to reach all students. Candidates will reflect on their successes and challenges with using technology to differentiate learning. Projects are field-based, inquiry-oriented and require significant reflection on the effectiveness of both the process and product.
May not be audited.