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Graduate Academic Catalog 2020 - 2021 
Graduate Academic Catalog 2020 - 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PPP 791 - Practicum in School Psychology

Credits 1
This course consists of an overview of the role of a school psychologist plus gathering 100 hours of supervised experiences that occur in schools and/or field-based settings. Practicum experiences provide an opportunity to become familiar with the various roles of the school psychologist. Students will keep a log of time spent in activities such as: school-based programs serving parents and family members; community service programs serving children and families; school related experiences such as shadowing a school psychologist, observing classroom instruction, attending district and school-based meetings and mapping school-based community resources.
Take PPP-722 (Required, Concurrent).
Take PPP 722  
May not be audited. Graded Credit/No Credit.