Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jun 13, 2024  
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration - Business Management

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Program Director: Sharon L. Starcher, DBA


This major is designed to provide expansive knowledge of the business environment from a systems perspective. Classes such as management, organizational behavior, marketing and accounting provide the foundation for advanced classes in finance, economics, and statistics. Students in this emphasis create a business plan, utilizing prior learning and gaining and connected, high-level overview of business components. Together, all the courses provide a practical guide to leadership, management, and business operations in student selected organizations. Threaded throughout the major is an ethical employee and leadership perspective. The major is designed to provide a solid background for graduates to use in seeking responsible employment or promotion.

Admissions Requirements

  • Application form and fee
  • A minimum 2.4 GPA, below 2.4 can submit a petition
  • Two years' postsecondary work experience.
    • Need a minimum of 6 transferable units, below 6 units can submit a petition
    • Note: need 60 units before starting the major

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Business Content Knowledge: the student demonstrates mastery of foundational knowledge in general management, organization development, human resource management, managerial accounting, the legal and ethical influences in business, and marketing. USLO Content Knowledge
  2. Critical Thinking: the student evaluates business conditions, identifies problems, and creates solutions within the business context utilizing critical thinking skills. USLO Critical Thinking
  3. Faith Integration: the student recognizes Christian ethics and values, and the student integrates his/her faith-based ethics and values as the student formulates decisions that affect the business community and its environment based on the course focus. USLO Moral Reasoning, Service
  4. Communication: the student conveys researched ideas clearly through professional written and oral communication that utilizes the current language of the business community. USLO Oral Communication, Written Communication
  5. Cultural Awareness: the student applies management practices that demonstrate the student's understanding and respect for organizational culture, for diverse cultures at large, and for the impact to society and the environment. USLO Perspective
  6. Reflection and Personal Growth: the student integrates advanced self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness into supportive service as a professional, a team member, and a leader. USLO Reflection

Management Emphasis

M1. Research and Analysis: the student demonstrates the ability to analyze business-related data and derive accurate meaning in the business context. USLO Information Literacy

M2. Financial Analysis: the student evaluates business situations using relevant financial, statistical, and economic analyses and proposes solutions to related problems. USLO Quantitative Reasoning

Credit-Bearing Grades

Students must earn a C- or higher to receive credit for their business management courses. Exceptions: Students may receive credit for BIB-314 and BIB-451, as well as any other general education or elective course, with a D -.

Program Length

Eighteen-month cohort program.

Locations Offered

North Fresno, Visalia, and Merced Campuses, Online

2 Year

BA Business Administration - Business Management (DC)  

General Education Requirements

Required for Degree Completion Business Administration majors:


Elective units as needed to meet the Bachelor of Arts minimum. This requirement may be met through allowable college coursework, Advanced Placement exams, College Level Examination Program, International Baccalaureate exams, and Military or ACE credit.

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