Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2017 - 2018 
    Mar 30, 2023  
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2017 - 2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology B.A.

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Program Director: Lindsey Huang, Ph.D.


The sociology major provides students with an increased understanding of their sociocultural world. Students move beyond their personal experiences to an awareness of how people are connected to one another through groups, networks and hierarchies, as well as beliefs and practices. Sociology majors learn to analyze the influences of groups on human behavior.

The sociology program is purposefully informed by a global perspective and a Christian/Anabaptist worldview. The program builds on the foundation of the required sequence of courses at Fresno Pacific University, regarding the stories of peoples and cultures. Upon completion of the major, students will be prepared to pursue graduate study or a career for which sociology is an appropriate background. Majors typically find employment in fields such as human services, personnel, social research, law enforcement, government, Christian ministry, missions and community development.

Students interested in majoring in sociology should complete the two prerequisite courses during their freshman and sophomore years. Sociology courses can be taken in any sequence with the exception of two courses that must be taken the final year of studies. Intro to Social Science Research should be taken the fall semester of the senior year, followed by Senior Thesis, which is only offered spring semester of the senior year.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Critical Thinking: Use critical thinking tools to analyze and discuss, in sociological terms, the influence of social groups, networks and hierarchies on human behavior.
  2. Social Processes/Group Dynamics: Articulate the social processes and group dynamics influencing human behavior, including pluralism, globalization, religious change, intercultural communication, conflict management, life course patterns, legal systems and public policy.
  3. Social Observation: Perform basic and advanced sociological observations, using a range of social scientific methods, and analyze the results, orally and in writing.
  4. Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of basic and advanced sociological concepts, principles and theories, as evidenced by written communication about social problems and cases, including those specific to social institutions such as family, education, media, economics, religion, law, politics and the criminal justice system.
  5. Communication: Explain, orally and in writing, well- formed views on sociocultural issues in ways that both engage moral reasoning and demonstrate concrete knowledge about social change.
  6. Moral Reasoning: Articulate and apply the values of Christian/Anabaptist belief and practice for the discipline of sociology; to reflect on the integration of faith with society, culture and social change.

Locations Offered

Main Campus Fresno

General Education Prerequisites (6 Units)

Semester Study Abroad Option

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