Graduate Academic Catalog 2016 - 2017 
    Jul 19, 2024  
Graduate Academic Catalog 2016 - 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SPEC 610 - Transition: Mild/Moderate Disabilities

3 Units
Addresses the transition of students with disabilities to employment, future living and post-secondary educational environments. Candidates learn laws, theory and practices related to transition that are applicable to individuals, infant through adulthood, in all areas of development. Addresses self-determination, interpersonal and community integration knowledge and skills, pertaining to students with mild/moderate disabilities and learning needs at the early intervention, elementary, middle school and high school levels. Candidates learn the relationship between assessment, transition, curriculum planning and selection. Assessment and evaluative practices emphasize the development of instruction that aligns with content standards and includes options for transition and equitable access to educational practices in general education. Assessments include person-centered planning, understanding of family, cultural backgrounds and contribution in diagnosis, ecological analysis and formal and informal assessments. Candidates demonstrate applied knowledge of principles and issues of transition assessment and planning for secondary-level students with disabilities in postsecondary education, employment (including supportive employment/entrepreneur), independent living, leisure/recreation and community living, needs assessment in curriculum, instructional strategies and collaboration among family and professionals.
Prerequisites: SPEC 600 , SPEC 601 , SPEC 602 , SPEC 603 , SPEC 604, SPEC 605 , SPEC 606 , SPEC 607 ;
Special Education program students only; May not be audited