Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018 - 2019 
    Mar 25, 2023  
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2018 - 2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

THTR 315 - Drama Practicum: The Company

Credits: 2
As a member of the Company, the student participates in all aspects of production, specifically as it relates to the FPU performance season. Weekly sessions provide training and opportunities in dramaturgy, light design, set and costume design and construction, stagecraft, publicity and arts administration. Students additionally take on roles as performers, as rehearsal assistants (stage managers, assistant directors, dramaturges) and on production support crews, experiencing first-hand the artistic, interpretive and collaborative processes of moving a text from the page to the stage. Participation in the Company is based on an audition or interview with the theater program director.
Graded Credit/No Credit. May not be audited.