Graduate Academic Catalog 2019 - 2020 
    Mar 25, 2023  
Graduate Academic Catalog 2019 - 2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Preliminary Education Specialist Credentials with Add-on Multiple Subjects Credential

A special education candidate may also obtain a multiple subjects credential concurrently with an education specialist credential. Candidates who are interested in completing a multiple subjects credential concurrently, must seek academic advice from the program or site director of teacher education and special education.


Complete and pass all teacher performance assessments as required under the multiple subjects credential program.

Internship Program

All FPU preliminary candidates who are employed as special education teachers may seek qualification for an internship credential. An application may or may not be accepted due to qualifications and/or suitability of the candidate. This credential may be applied for and obtained following the successful completion of 120 hours of specific pre-service coursework, qualifying experiences, and employer agreement. All criteria are determined satisfactory at the discretion and evaluation of the program or site director. Intern candidates are considered promising educators who demonstrate the innate qualities of a distinguished teacher and educational leader.

Internship program participation may lead to the opportunity for the preliminary candidate to teach with the same status and benefits of a fully credentialed teacher for up to two years. The program or site director is able to serve both as an advocate for the candidate and an administrative partner to the employer. These advantages allow for an enhanced degree of communication between parties and permit the university faculty to monitor the mentorship structure provided by the employer.

The university provides candidates with special training seminars and activities specifically designed to assist them in their new responsibilities. An internship is an expanded opportunity to augment communication with the university faculty, peers and the employer. Interns maintain a vigorous program of study. New interns are required to enroll for SPEC 690 - Intern Support  each term enrolled as a preliminary credential candidate and an intern under contract with a district. Intern Support is in addition to the candidate's regular coursework and practicum experience.

An intern candidate must meet all of the requirements of admissions, demonstrate maturity and a professional manner, maintain grades of A or B in all coursework and progress on their academic plan as designed. Preliminary coursework is expected to be completed within the provisions of the two- year internship credential.


  1. Acceptance to classified standing by FPU School of Education.
  2. Satisfactory completion of CBEST/CSETs (the CSET is not required for ECSE).
  3. Completion of political science course or constitution exam.
  4. Maintain adherence to the prescribed FPU education plan.
  5. Grades of A or B in all coursework.
  6. Enroll and successfully complete Intern Support each term (SPEC 690 )

Added Authorizations

FPU currently offers two added authorizations. Please contact graduate admissions for further information.

Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization

The Adapted Physical Education (APE) added authorization program prepares teachers to work within a school setting and engage children and adolescents in meaningful and beneficial physical exercise. Candidates participate in a comprehensive program that prepares them to identify motor needs and the necessary supports to engage students in meaningful physical exercise. Candidates complete courses addressing the characteristics and needs of students served in the APE setting; roles, responsibilities, and legal considerations for serving students with special needs; instructional design for APE settings; motor behavior for APE settings; and scientific principles of motor behavior. Candidates participate in a culminating practicum experience to receive guided support toward implementation of course principles and to participate in a formal evaluation of competencies.

Admissions Requirements

  • Three current reference forms
  • Educational plan
  • All other official transcripts from colleges/universities attended
  • Verification of negative TB test (within last 12 months)
  • Addendum to Graduate Application: Education Specialist Credential Program
  • Applicants must hold a valid Ryan Specialist Credential in CH, LH, PH, SH or VH or hold a valid Preliminary or Level I credential in ECSE, D/HOH, M/M, M/S, PHI, or VI or a multiple subjects credential or a single subject credential in physical education. (Additional course work may be required dependent upon physical education course work previously completed.)
  • Letter of explanation if GPA is under 3.0