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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History Minor

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Program Director: W. Marshall Johnston, Ph.D.


The discipline of historical thinking and the breadth of horizon encouraged by the study of historical periods and events provide a complementary study for those pursuing majors related to and anticipating careers in journalism, management, public relations, publishing, government service, church ministries, etc.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize and explicate significant ideas, people and events in a variety of historical epochs throughout human history and in a global context.
  2. Formulate, carry out and critically evaluate a focused research project, involving the use of various forms of primary historical evidence (e.g., texts, archival data, first-person accounts, archeology, etc.), and showing an understanding of relevant theoretical approaches to the problem, as well as the most significant secondary research on it.
  3. Communicate effectively and appropriately in both oral and written forms, especially through the use of critical analysis in articulation and support of historical theses.
  4. Synthesize important historical phenomena, based on the understanding of primary material, across millennia, cultures and interpretive modes.
  5. Interpret and effectively describe the contribution of Christianity, particularly the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition and the Judeo-Christian legacy, in the development of human history.

Locations Offered

Main Campus Fresno

Required Courses (5 Courses, 16-20 Units)

At least one upper-division course in five of the following areas:

  • Ancient history
  • Medieval, Renaissance or Reformation history
  • Modern European history
  • World history
  • American history
  • Religious or topical history

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