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Graduate Academic Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate Academic Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching Single Subject Credential, M.A.

Program Director: Single Subject Credential, Robin Perry, Ed.D.; MAT, Michele McConnell, M.A.


Applicants may apply for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with the preliminary teaching credential when they start their teacher preparation program. MAT students complete their preliminary credential (approx. 36 units) and then return to FPU to complete the 12 post-credential MAT units within the first few years of teaching alternatively, applicants may apply for the preliminary multiple or single subject credential as a stand-alone credential program. Credential program completers may return to FPU within the first three years of teaching to apply to complete the MAT program.

Admissions Requirements

  • Online application and fee
  • Teacher Education Addendum
  • Three current reference forms
  • Interview with program director
  • All other official transcripts from colleges/universities attended
  • Verification of current negative TB test (last 12 months)
  • Certificate of Clearance

    FPU undergraduate students seeking a teaching credential must apply and be admitted to the program prior to taking any teacher education courses. 

    The program expects applicants from FPU as well as other universities to complete their application and submit all application documents to the program at least four weeks before they expect to begin coursework.

Subject Matter Testing Requirements

  • Official passing results on CBEST or Basic Skills Verification
  • Official passing results on CSET or verification of subject matter competency from an approved subject matter preparation program

Admissions Requirements for MAT Post-credential Program

  • Completion of Graduate Admissions Update Form
  • Signed Verification of Employment letter
  • Interview with Program Director and completed Educational Plan form
  • No readmission fee required


FPU’s credentials are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). The CTC website provides extensive guidelines pertaining to becoming a teacher in California (ctc.ca.gov).

State of California

Commission on Teacher Credentialing 1900 Capitol Avenue

Sacramento, California 95814-4213

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The Division of Teacher Education has developed a plan for preparing teachers which is defined by two frameworks for teacher preparation: the FPU Teacher Education Mission and Vision and the Teacher Performance Expectations, which were designed by the California Commission on Teacher Education.
  2. Candidates will demonstrate understanding of content related to subject matter in which they are teaching and to pedagogical practices necessary to make content accessible to students in K-12 settings.
  3. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of theories related to pedagogical practice and curriculum development.
  4. Candidates will complete a writing process that includes drafting, revising, editing and publishing their writing for a variety of academic and non-academic audiences.
  5. Candidates will produce clear, well-organized writing that addresses specific writing tasks related to education, pedagogy and curriculum development.
  6. Candidates will produce writing that conforms to the conventions of academic and other communities, including to those of action researchers and the APA.
  7. Candidates will reflect on their developing understanding of theories of teaching and learning, and their classroom experiences.
  8. Candidates will reflect on their professional development as teachers, their role within classrooms and position within larger systems of education.
  9. Candidates will reflect on their personal vocation as teachers, their values, philosophies, past growth, and areas for future growth.
  10. Candidates will demonstrate the ability to pose probing questions about teaching and learning in order to improve their pedagogy and student learning.
  11. Candidates will collect and analyze data from school and classroom experiences to study problem of practice.
  12. Candidates will describe the conclusions and implication from their analysis of school and classroom experiences.

The Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs)

Developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), TPEs are aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

  1.  Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

  2.  Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

  3.  Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

  4.  Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

  5.  Assessing Student Learning

  6.  Developing as a Professional Educator

Program Length/Semester Starts/Pacing Options

The MAT/Single Subjects credential program offers students opportunities to start the preliminary credential phase of the MAT program in the summer, fall or spring terms. Many students who wish to start their credential in the fall choose to jumpstart their program by taking one or two courses the summer before. Coursework for the post-credential phase of the MAT begins only in fall. 

MAT Credential Courses:

The following Single Subject courses are counted toward the MAT:

EDUC 604:  Foundations of Education

EDUC 605:  Teaching the Exceptional Learner

EDUC 639/649C:  Final Student Teaching or Intern Seminar

EDUC 692:  Foundations of Language and Literacy (or EDUC 650: Principles and Practices of Bilingual Development) 

EDUC 693:  Reading and Writing in Secondary Classrooms (or EDUC 653:  Bilingual Reading and Writing in the Secondary Classroom)

EDUC 694:  Curriculum Perspective

EDUC 695:  Curriculum Design

A student must earn a grade of B- or better in any of these courses for them to be counted toward the MAT.  Courses with grades lower than B- must be replaced or repeated.  Students must discuss their credential course grades with the Director of the MAT at the time of reentry into post-credential courses and include any replaced/repeated courses in their Educational Plan.

MAT Post Credential Courses:

EDUC 701:  Issues in Teaching:  Investigations of Problems of Practice (3 units)

EDUC 703:  Curriculum Study:  Theory, Analysis and Practice (3 units)

EDUC 704:  Qualitative Research Methods:  Action Research (3 units)

EDUC 705:  MAT Research Project/Thesis (3 units)

MAT Post-Credential Pacing Options:

When students decide to complete their post-credential courses, they follow a single 2-year pacing option:




EDUC 701:  Issues in Teaching:  Investigations of Problems of Practice

Session 1: First 8 weeks


EDUC 703:  Curriculum Study:  Theory Analysis and Practice

Session 2: Second 8 weeks

EDUC 704:  Qualitative Research Methods:  Action Research

Session 1: First 8 weeks


EDUC 705:  MAT Research Project (IP)

Session 2: Second 8 weeks

EDUC 705:  MAT Research Project (IP)

Complete project write-up by July 1 for August degree granting

Locations Offered

Main Campus Fresno, Visalia, Merced


These courses are additional requirements of the state of California for single subject candidates who have not completed comparable coursework in their baccalaureate studies:

Choose One of the Following Tracks: