Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2024-2025 
    Jul 13, 2024  
Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Music, B.A.

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Program Director: Christa Pehl Evans, Ph.D.


The music major prepares students for professional careers and/or graduate study in the discipline of music. The major combines music theory and history with practical participation in a variety of musical activiites, including performance ensembles and private music study. Students graduating with the music major can find employment in public school teaching, private studio instruction, performance, church ministries, the recording industry and many other music business enterprises. Some professions require additional music training and student are encouraged to continue studies at the graduate level or in specialized schools.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will successfully demonstrate advanced proficiency in chosen instrument.
  2. Students will articulate a working knowledge of music history and music theory.
  3. Students will articulate the role that a Christian worldview plays in the musical disciplines.
  4. Students will demonstrate proficiency in participating in the music industry as both a solo and collaborative artist.

Locations Offered

Main Campus Fresno


Successful completion of Level 1 on the student's primary instrument is a prerequisite for MUS 356 .

Applied Music (Private Instruction) (8 Units)

Private music instruction with FPU music faculty on the primary instrument is required each semester of attendance for a minimum of 8 total units, including 4 units in upper division (4 semesters of private instruction is required for music minors).

For Music majors, progress on the primary instrument is evaluated at the performance jury scheduled each year during finals week. All students in music lessons are required to perform in one of the student recitals held each semester. This performance contributes toward the grade in the private lessons.   

Ensemble (16 units minimum)

Participation in a performance ensemble is required each semester of attendance (majors must complete a minimum of 16 units of participation, minors a minimum of 8 units). This requirement includes all music students, regardless of primary instrument. The student must continue participation in each ensemble for which a scholarship has been awarded, even after the minimum unit requirement has been met. No overload tuition is charged when a student's registration exceeds 18 units due to enrollment in a performance ensemble. 

Any exceptions are to be approved by the student's advisor and the music program director. 

ALL ensemble participation units may be taken the following ensembles for 2 units each:

Additional Requirements

  • Piano proficiency exam must be passed as part of the major. Enrollment in Piano Proficiency Class (MUS 132 , offered fall and spring) or Private Piano Instruction (MUS 135 ) is required until the exam is passed. Transfer students who have passed a piano proficiency test at another institution are required to pass the FPU piano proficiency exam as well.
  • Graduating music majors are required to present a senior performance recital during the final year of study. Students will register for MUS 495 - Senior Project  or MUS 497 - Senior Project in Music Composition  during the semester of the scheduled recital. As preparation for the senior recital, students are encouraged to enroll for two units of private instruction. 
  • Students planning to go into Worship Ministry are encouraged to add a minor in Ministry and can explore the Bridgeways to Ministry Master's program at FPU.

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